Welcome to Sanodent Smile.


Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of high quality dental services.


During your first consultation you will fill in a form and then have a discussion with your dentist, where you will discuss your problems, wishes and expectations, and the dentist will explain the treatment options available and give you an estimate of costs.


In our practice we focus on the quality and durability of the services we offer, which is reflected in the meticulousness with which we carry out personalised treatments, using minimally invasive procedures, bio-compatible materials and internationally recognised techniques and equipment.


In our practice, through the attention and professionalism of our staff, as well as the pleasant environment, together with state-of-the-art technology, from sterilisation equipment, instruments and materials to the radiology facility, we offer comprehensive services in a safe environment for our patients.

The dental practice team consists of the following dentists:

Dr. Horea DANIEL

Dr. Horea DANIEL

– Dentist graduated from UMF Cluj Napoca 2010

– competence in maxillo-dental radiodiagnosis

– competence in oral implantology

Courses and Congresses

– “Aesthetic restorations using light-curing composite materials – layering and modelling techniques” Cluj Napoca 5 November 2011


– Symposium “Biomaterials used in Dental Medicine.50 years of preclinical teaching in Cluj dental medicine. Cluj napoca 27-28 April 2012


– Treatment techniques and new dental materials for successful results.Cluj Napoca 1 June 2012


– Theoretical and practical course of inhalation with nitrous oxide.Protocols and resuscitation maneuvers – Basic life support – Applications in the dental office.Cluj Napoca July 7, 2012


– Clinical endodontics course – theoretical and practical module Prof. Dr. Arnaldo CASTELUCCI.Bucharest 1-2 November 2013


– “Current Concepts in Oral Implantology and surgical prosthetics “Prof. Dr. Emanuel BRATU.Bucharest 25 March-11 June 2016


– Transilvania Congress of dentistry.Cluj Napoca 13-15 October 2016


– 1st Annual Meeting Ot- Medical Romania, Prof. Dr. Marius STEIGMANN,Cluj Napoca,18 February 2017


– International Congress of Dental Aesthetics “The Art of Dental Aesthetics “Bucharest 18-20 May 2017


– TEAM National Congress, Cluj Napoca, 16-17 June 2017


– Esthetic mucogingival surgery around teeth,Prof. Giovanni ZUCCHELLI, Bologna (IT), 11-12 September 2017


– Esthetic mucogingival surgery around implants, Prof. Giovanni ZUCCHELLI, Bologna(IT), 29-30 January, 2018


– International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry “Connections in Aesthetic Dentistry”,Bucharest, 17-19 May 2018


– Modern Dental implant therapies using SKY dental implants including SKY Fast & Fixed.Senden/Ulm (DE),5-9 June 2018


– 10th International Congress Implants connected to nature (ICTN).Cluj Napoca,25-27 October 2018


– “Dental implant temporaries – important component of clinical success”,Conf. Univ. Dr. Sorin MIHALI.Cluj Napoca, 25 October 2018


– International Congress of Dental Aesthetics “The Revolution of Dental Aesthetics”.Bucharest, 9-11 May 2019


– “Immediate and delayed postextractional implantation, from simple to complex”,dr.Mihnea CAFADARU.Brasov,13 June 2019


– Implanto Days “Management of soft and hard tissues in implantology “Brasov 13-16 June,2019.

Dr. Coralia DANIEL

Dr. Coralia DANIEL

– Dentist graduated from UMF Cluj Napoca 2010

-endodontic specialist

Dr. Attila SZEKELY

Dr. Attila SZEKELY

– dentist graduated from UMF Cluj Napoca 2019

Dr. Ancuta MARCU

– Dentist graduated from UMF Cluj Napoca 2009

-orthodontic specialist

Dr. Ovidiu COZMA

-medical specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery