Dental aesthetics

is the branch of dentistry that deals with dental problems related to the aesthetic harmony of the oral cavity. The aim is to achieve a perfect smile in cases of dental asymmetries, tooth staining, dental fractures, caries. 


Endodontic treatment is the procedure by which the affected (inflamed or necrotic) dental pulp (nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth) is removed, disinfected and the root canal sealed.

Dental radiology

for the practice’s patients, ensures their comfort, as it is no longer necessary to travel to another location for an X-ray examination and allows the correctness of dental operations that require it to be checked


the specialty that deals with the replacement of missing or fractured/destroyed teeth by applying dental crowns, inlays, veneers, removable dentures.

Pediatric dentistry

Specialized care from the earliest years of life is the key to healthy teeth with proper aesthetics and functionality. The main objective is to maintain a healthy dentition until the milk teeth are replaced with permanent teeth.

Teeth whitening

Aesthetic, revolutionary dental treatment that aims to brighten the color of the tooth by a few shades in a very short time. The procedure is painless, effective and without the risk of weakening the tooth structure.


deals with the correction of developmental and growth defects of the teeth and jaws, the shape of the dental arches and the position of the jaws through the application of fixed and mobile orthodontic appliances.

Oral implantology

Dental implants are artificial dental roots, fixed in the alveolar bone and used as a support for prosthetic restorations, with the purpose of replacing missing teeth.