Fixed Teeth in 24 h

The Sky FAST AND FIXED concept from Bredent Germany is a modern implant system that allows the patient to enjoy new and functional teeth in just one day.


By using the SKY FAST AND FIXED system we can provide patients with implant treatments and provisional restorations in a single day, allowing them to resume eating and participating in social life in a very short time.


Who is the Sky FAST AND FIXED system for (BREDENT, Germany)?


-Totally edentulous patients (who have no teeth left on the arch)

-Patients who have dentures and want to get rid of their discomfort

-Patients who have lost a large number of teeth   and are at risk of losing all their teeth due to   various diseases (endodontic, periodontal).


What are the advantages of the Sky FAST AND FIXED system (BREDENT, Germany)?


The temporary teeth are fixed on the implants 24 hours after the insertion of the implants, so the patient can enjoy a fixed dentition in a very short time.

The procedure involves the insertion of 4 implants in the mandible and 6 implants in the jaw (so 8-10 implants are not needed).

Long-term treatment is eliminated and additional procedures such as Sinus Lift or Bone Addition are avoided.

Lower costs than traditional procedures.

Improved aesthetics and chewing in a very short time.

If you would like to benefit from the advantages of the Sky FAST AND FIXED system (Bredent Germany), you can contact us on 0751155746.


Thank you.